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"Yoga with Teresa is a truly uplifting and spiritual experience which leaves you feeling energised and balanced"

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I teach a very special form of yoga...


Dru Yoga is yoga of the heart, we always work from and come back to the energy of the heart chakra.  It combines traditional yoga postures with tai chi like movement sequences to improve strength, flexibility, promote relaxation and deep healing in the body.


Dru yoga is a gentle form of yoga or it can be quite physical, it is easily adapted for all levels of fitness and flexibility and immobility.  It is a very powerful form of yoga that was practised by Gandhi and is now taught all over the world.  People who try Dru yoga tend to fall in love with Dru yoga, simply because you feel so good afterwards.  


In a Dru yoga class we activate and warm up the body using movement to music and preparatory stretching.


This is followed by an energy block release sequence of movements that are specifically designed to release physical and emotional energy that we hold onto in our muscles and joints through our everyday experiences in life.  By regularly freeing this energy the flexibility and agility of the physical body improves as does one's general feeling of well being and yest for life.


We then practice several traditional yoga asanas or postures, learning various pranayama techniques or breath work.  This is followed by one of several dru yoga sequences whereby postures and movement are combined to flow.  These have specific functions like the Salutation to the Sun that opens the heart and releases vital energy or the Earth Sequence that helps to ground us, or the Salutation to the Four Directions that puts us in touch with qualities of tolerance, generosity, strength and love or The Vitality Sequence that does just that.


We finish with a deep relaxation/meditation.


Class members tend to come back year after year and become good friends and a cherished support network for each other.

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Three 20minute Guided Relaxations


Healing White Light Relaxation


Revitalising Beach Relaxation


Inner Journey Relaxation


If you wish to purchase simply send  £8 for all three mp3 recordings via paypal to, including your email address and I will send them