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Cat Posture


Cat Posture

Yoga at Home

The following is a selection of energy block release movements, postures and sequences for home practice, it will take about 15minutes and only requires a
short gentle general body warm up beforehand. These are ideally undertaken in the morning, but are suitable for any time of the day and are a perfect complement to a regular class. Try to do these every other day or at least twice a week if possible.

Arm circles from Energy Block Release 2
Arms start at sides circling the arms one on top of the other across the body and overhead as if taking off a jumper, lower the arms to complete the circle, crossing a different hand in front each time you raise and lower the arms. Breathe in as you raise your arms, breathe out as they lower. Then introduce the brahma mudra, point index finger with remaining three fingers tucked over the thumb. Repeat 6x

Chair of the Heart from EBR2
Standing feet together, arms overhead, hands in praying hands position resting on your head, elbows bent. As you breathe in raise the hands up above the head and bend the knees, keeping the heels on the floor, breathe out and return. Repeat 3x

Anahata Breath from EBR2
Stand legs apart elbows bent and hands in praying hands position in front of heart, breathe out and bend knees as you push your arms away and in front of your the body and release what you don’t need, breathe in and straighten legs as you draw in what you need, and move your arms toward the chest/heart. Repeat 6x

Kneeling Cat Posture
Start on hands and knees,tuck your tail bone in and hollow the stomach as you arch your back, as if you were being punched in the stomach and your head drops down, breathe out. Then slowly as a wave moving each vertebrae separately take the tail bone backwards as you hollow the lower back and the head comes up, breathe in. Take care not to overextend the lower back or neck. Repeat 5x slowly with control and some tension in the lower stomach muscles throughout.

Dog Posture
Kneeling on all fours, lift the hips into the air, taking the feet the width of your mat apart, rock the body weight back toward the heels allowing the head to naturally come between the shoulder blades and the hips to lift. Gently lower the heels to the floor and hold for 3-5 breathe cycles with slight tension in the lower stomach muscles. Repeat

Tree Posture
Standing with one foot resting against the opposite ankle, knee and hip turned out, arms at sides, core stability muscles engaged. Raise the arms outwards in a circle to come to a praying hands position (namaste) above the head, breathe in. Lower the hands down the front of the body in namaste to a position in front of the heart, breathe out. Turn the hands to point forward away from the heart, breathe in, push the hands and arms directly forward, arms extended in front of the body, breathe out.
Separate the hands and take the arms out to the sides, breathe in.
Lower the arms as you breathe out, cross the arms in front of the body and transfer your body weight so as to lift the other foot to rest against your ankle. Engage the core stability muscles throughout. Repeat with the foot slightly higher if you wish, but not so that your knee comes forward or you are pushing against your knee joint.
Repeat twice on each side.

Salutation to The Four Directions

South Yellow light Quality of Acceptance
East Blue light Quality of Strength & Courage
North Green light Quality of Generosity for Self & Others
West Deep Red light Quality of Unconditional Love for Self & Others

Repeat the following for each direction. Stand with legs apart, hands in namaste, bend and lift the right leg and circle the arms up over head as you place the right heel down coming into a squat position, scoop energy up from the earth with the hands and bring it up into the heart as you bring the hands together into namaste in front of the heart and bend the knees. Raise the hands up overhead and separate to open the arms up to the heavens, look up and visualise and affirm the first quality and colour as you straighten the legs. Bring the arms down to namaste in front of the heart as you draw down the colour and quality of that direction. Still in a squat position, legs apart. take both arms out to the left side and draw a circle with the coloured light overhead and all the way roung to the right and down circling back to the left side again, draw the quality into the heart. Repeat on the right side. Pause to reflect on that quality and turn a quarter turn clockwise and repeat in the next direction.

Once you have completed the salutation to all four directions, stand with arms extended and visualise and affirm each of the colours and qualities as you bring your arms down the sides of the body filling your aura with these qualities.

Now go forward into your day with these qualities in your heart and your energy field.