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Why We Feel so Good after doing Dru Yoga....


When we practice Dru yoga we re-connect with our physical body. We learn to breathe as our body was designed to breathe, enabling us to relax, tune inward and come into the present moment; not caught up in the past or the future, but in the here and now, mindful and aware. This re-connects us with the stillness within we call the “Dru” point.  This point is a connection with our Higher Self, our Soul, where we feel clear, strong, and peaceful. Stress melts away, we detach and are less affected by what is going on around us.  


By learning to surrender and let go, our body naturally heals and comes back to balance.  We observe and quieten the constant chatter of the ego in our mind.  This opens the doorway for the intuitive wisdom of our Higher Self to bring us an awareness of just what we need in the present moment.  We allow ourselves to come into the flow of life and relinquish the need to constantly control our life or have it fit some preconceived idea of how it should be.  


As our experience of yoga grows our life indeed starts to flow, attracting

just what we need.  We learn to surrender to the joy and excitement of possibility, allowing life to unfold, instead of holding onto our fears that it might not go exactly as we planned.  Challenges become opportunities for growth as we come to know that everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to be and we are loved and supported in the process of change.  We come to embrace rather than fear change. As our practice deepens this detached clarity becomes a constant state of mind, not just something we experience in moments of yoga or meditation.  


In Dru yoga, we use simple movements to open the heart chakra connecting with the energy of the heart and allowing the emotional turmoil and feelings created by the conditioned thoughts of the ego to subside.   We allow the positive qualities of the heart, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, courage and love to enter into our being. We become more open. This calms the emotions and allows the Higher Self to give us a much needed perspective on our more basic feelings and dramas in our lives.  We start to see our thoughts and feelings for what they are and question the conditioned beliefs behind them. We begin the lifelong process of letting go of emotions, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us.  We begin a journey to seek the truth about who we are.


Recently science has found that the human heart vibrates with an electromagnetic energy field that communicates with our whole body.  This energy field affects the DNA in every cell.  When we change the way we think and feel we change the vibration of this energy field, turning on and switching off different aspects of the DNA in every cell.   Positive thoughts and emotions of love, forgiveness, courage, gratitude and compassion turn on the DNA that support and enhance our health, and our healing.  This is how Joy and laughter have the power to heal. Dru Yoga heals past trauma in this way by opening the heart.


Our heart taps into the universal field of consciousness, an unlimited energy field, with infinite possibilities far beyond what our thinking mind can comprehend.   We tap into this field in meditation when we quieten the mind.  Scientists now confirm that information from our environment is first received by our heart and then the heart communicates this to the brain, not the other way around.  The heart is the communication centre of our whole body system connecting us to all living things. It is where we can feel intuitive wisdom.  Eventually we start to listen to our inner wisdom, to trust it and allow it to guide our everyday life.  What feels right for us in any given moment becomes more important than what we think might be right. We become less concerned with what others think. Our self-awareness and self-confidence increase.


The Energy Block Release Sequences that are unique to Dru Yoga serve to gently release old emotional and physical traumas stored in our body, allowing energy to flow.  As more subtle life force energy or ‘Prana’ flows through our body we experience better health, vitality and many health issues subside.  Youthful vigour is reflected in the way we look, feel and move.

The many Tai-Chi like Sequences in Dru Yoga enhance this flow of Prana in the body by combining age old flowing movements with traditional yoga postures stimulating the nadii system of energy pathways in the body.

As the Sun Salutation ignites our inner fire, the Vitality Sequence restores our zest for life.  The Self -Empowerment Sequence brings forth our inner warrior. We simply feel good.


The practice of specific yoga Postures and Sequences grounds us. We connect with both our physical body and the earth energy that comes into our body through our feet and energises our chakra system. This subtle energy revitalises us on a physical, energetic, and emotional level.  You will find you are naturally attracted to people who are grounded as they feel safe, genuine, “down to earth”, in touch with what is important. We intuitively trust them.  When grounded we attract abundance in our life, trusting our needs will be met. We come into our personal power, present, and aware. This is why we feel good when we spend time walking in nature and superb when we do yoga barefoot on the ground.


By establishing a regular practice of Dru yoga we gain so much more than better physical strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness, relaxation and overall body health. We re-connect and gain insight into our Self.  We learn the art of living mindfully in the present moment in peace and happiness.  It gives us the tools to transform ourselves. There is no greater gift.

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We connect with our Dru Point - the stillness within, where we are always calm, clear, strong and intuitive..


Dru Yoga Opens The Heart


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