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Right Relations

Right relations are a culmination of right intention, thought and action.  They come about  when we see past the faults, desires and imperfections of the personality and see instead the light of the soul of another human being.  In Buddhist terms we are centred in harmlessness to all living beings, centred in our own buddhic nature, heart centred,  where love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude abide.  We see things as they truly are.   We accept imperfection as perfect for growth and further understanding.  We come to see our part in conflict, misunderstanding, miscommunication and we see a way of doing things differently.  In that transforming moment of seeing clearly, of knowing intuitively and accepting completely a truth about a situation, in that moment we transform.  In that moment we transform others through our own growth. Our relationships with others are there to teach us, to help us to grow, to learn by the discomfort of disharmony how to come back to a place of harmony, a return to love.


But before we can develop right relations with others we need to establish right relations within ourselves.  We need to bring our dual nature, masculine and feminine, intuitive and intellectual, personality and soul into a wholeness, a oneness, at-one-ment.  This is the key to contentment, joy and living with vitality and energy.  This coming back into wholeness, or rather realising your wholeness is the key to all healing and inner growth.


We start with listening. Listening with right intention, listening from the heart.  Listening brings us into the moment.  It is mindful living, the ultimate connection to what is.  Listening to our own inner guidance, the message of our soul, our higher self, that speaks to us through intuition, through how we feel about something in the quietness of going within.  This is checking in with your inner most gut and heartfelt feelings on any given situation and being honest about what you find there.  Is this truly right for me?  Or is it something I want to be right for me?.  Honesty requires courage and a deep commitment to your souls path.


By regularly quietening the mind and going deeper into the silence we come to recognise thoughts and feelings that stem from our lower desire nature that fulfil our ego and look after me as separate from others.  These thoughts often centre around protecting our position as right, or affirming a belief we hold.   As we start to see the thoughts and beliefs we have accepted from others, from our conditioning, from our life experience we have a choice as to whether to listen to them or not.  Do they resonate with truth from a deep place within.  Do they serve us well.  Or are they the same old thoughts and feelings that have run in your mind over and over again and keep on creating disharmony in our lives..  We can choose.  Truth has a different quality, because we are at our deepest level truth, beauty and goodness, we can recognise these qualities and their particular vibration. We come to know that “The voice of god speaks in the silence of the heart” Mother Teresa.

We come to see truth.


As we develop, through going into silence and meditative practices, to be the silent watcher we can observe these thoughts and feelings and see them honestly. Then we can make changes using our will, our highest desire to  manifest right action in our lives and positive changes start to happen.  


The miracle of listening to our inner tuition is that we develop the ability to truly listen to others, to hear the intention behind the words, even if the words are clumsy or said in anger.  Truly listening to others is one of the keys to right relations with others.  

It is listening from the place of the silent observer, without preconceptions or judgement. You give of your heart when you truly listen.  You say I hear you, you connect and miracles happen.  You see their soul, who they truly are.  You see them.


Truth always looks beyond the ego needs and desires to that which is for the highest good of all concerned.  Truth brings us back to connection with others, it often involves forgiveness and correcting a misperception with a true perception and thus allowing wisdom into any given situation.  These are the ‘oh my god moments’ when you see things as they are.  Be grateful for these, they are a gift from your soul, from god.

We are here to experience connection.  Connection within ourselves, connection with others, connection with spirit, god, the universe.  

Connection is always present when love is felt. The feeling we associate with being ‘in love’, is a deep connection with another person.  We are here to  experience being in love with our self, others, god/spirit. We can experience divine love through loving others.  If love is absent there is a lack of connection, fear and doubt fill our mind and this is  an opportunity for healing and allowing the light of the soul to shine on the darker aspects of our personality, thus bringing them into the light and back to wholeness.  Back to  peace and rightness and an inner right relation with ourselves that is joyous beyond measure. We come back to at-one-ment within and this leads us to at-one-ment with all.


To experience right relations between men and women we need to develop right relations between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves.  The feminine is naturally attuned to spirit, to the soul, the masculine is naturally attuned to the needs of the world.  When these aspects come into balance within us we bring our soul, spiritual energy into matter, our physical world, our everyday life and we live soul centred lives of service to humanity.  To go within, retreat into the silence, to reflect like the moon,  to be, is feminine.  To go out into the world, to create and express who we are, to shine like the sun, to do, is masculine.  We need a balance of both of these.  As inspiration and guidance  from within are balanced  by attending to the needs of the world , we find equilibrium and balance. To receive is feminine, to give is masculine.  We need to receive to be able to give. To receive we need to open our hearts, to be vulnerable.  Allow your cup to be filled with the treasures of heaven and earth, and  as you continue to pass on these treasures, your cup will continue to be constantly filled.  For all  love given, love returns. In our minds we shine the conscious light of the masculine on the feminine unconscious and bring it into the light of day, we see that which needs  to be healed. Relationships with others show us our limiting beliefs, our conditioning, our past way of being. It is in relating to others that we truly come to right relationship with ourself.  In uniting the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang within ourselves we are able to attract partners in our lives who help to bring us into balance.  As women we find a man with whom we can connect, allowing the divine feminine, the soul energy to flow out into the world, nurturing and nourishing. He grounds us in the physical world, we feel connected.  As men we find a woman who enables us to be all that we are, to create, powerfully through a connection with our souls, with spirit and give great service to the world by providing just what is needed, what we are here to do.   We learn how to have right relations on a deep level with another human being.  We find balance and harmony through the give and take, through truly listening and speaking our truth from our heart.  By being true to who we are and opening up to let another person connect with all that we are.


By establishing right relations within ourselves and with those closest to us we help to establish right relations in our wider world, our community and as more and more people vibrate with their souls and learn to have right relations we can look forward to a time when we have right relations between different races, different nations.  This shines as a vision of peace on earth for humanity.  

The greatest service you can give to humanity is to go within and start by asking, Am I True to My Self, do I listen to my inner guidance. Follow the guidance “Man Know Thy Self”

Then take right intention, right thought and right action out into your world.

This is the return of the Christ consciousness into the hearts of men.  This is the way we transform the world by transforming our own world.  In the words of the great invocation,

“it is the shining of the light from the mind of god into the minds of men and the love from the heart of god into the hearts of men”.            



man and woman heart

"The Voice of God speaks in the Silence of the Heart"

                     Mother Teresa


"Goodwill is man’s first attempt to express the love of God. Its results on Earth will be peace" 

                                Alice Bailey

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The miracle of listening to our inner tuition is that we develop the ability to truly listen to others

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We unite the Feminine with the Masculine,

the Yin with the Yang and there

is harmony

within and harmony without

As a man thinketh so he is...

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