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Youtube Channel Meridians of the Hand

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"Mudras, Yoga in your hands"

by Gertrud Hirschi

The Meridians in your body are linked to the chakra system and

the flow of subtle energy in your body

Meridian Healing Chart

Imbalances or blockages in the meridians

will show in the organs or body parts they relate to...


We can heal using sound, colour, food and emotional release as well as addressing the behaviours that created the imbalance...

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Meridian Acupressure

Clearing and Balancing Sequence


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We can activate, clear and bring into better balance the various   meridians in the body through a sequence of tapping with a lightly closed fist along the meridian pathways and pressing into relevant acupressure points.  This helps to release any trapped energy, detoxify the body, increase your vitality and get your energy flowing.


Begin by tapping lightly with the fingertips all over the head and scalp especially where the head and neck join and around the ears (activates numerous meridians and acupressure points).


Tap both fingers across the forehead down to the temples, massage the ears.


Tap under the eye following the bones under the eye socket from nose to temple.


Press both fingers either side of the bridge of the nose just into the eye socket. Releases headache, migraine and tension.


Press two fingers either side into the indent at the side of the nostrils. Press both fingers into the point at the very base of the cheek bone, both points clears sinuses.


Tap both fingers from the centre of the upper lip down to meet the chin, small intestine meridian.


Tap both fingers from the centre of the chin along the jaw to the ears, large intestine meridian.


Tap over the thymus gland in the centre of the upper chest (stimulates immune system, opens the heart chakra ).


Tap across the whole upper chest from centre to the arms.


Press both fingers into the Chest congestion relief point on your chest in the centre of the groove where your arm joins your chest (a sinking almost nauseous feeling lets you know you have found it) the point as if you hooked your thumb into braces.


Lung meridian; Tap quite briskly over the trapezius muscle on the top of the shoulder, Tapping down the arm in line with the thumb, (3 times)

Rub the thumb and squeeze with thumb and forefinger the point at the base of the thumb nail.


Large Intestine meridian; Rub the index finger and press into the point at the base of the index finger nail.

Tap up the front of the arm in line with this finger to the shoulder (3 times).


Circulation; Turn the arm over palm upwards and tap down the middle of the inner arm, toward the middle finger (3 times) Rub this finger and press the base of the finger nail.


Triple Warmer (your metabolic rate/energy use); Rub the ring finger and press into the point at the base of the finger nail.

Tap up the outside edge of the arm to the shoulder (3 times).


Heart and Small Intestine meridians; Turn the arm over and tap from under the armpit gently following the inner edge of the arm to the little finger (3 times) Rub the finger and Squeeze either side of the base of the little finger nail to stimulate both points.


Stomach/Spleen meridian; Tap gently starting at your right hip circling up toward the ribs around the whole abdominal area, circling clockwise (coming up from the right circling toward and down the left). Numerous points are found around the belly button.


Kidney meridian; Tap gently over the kidneys in the middle back, either side of the spine just below the back of the ribs.


Gallbladder meridian; Tap with a flat hand up and down the side of the waist, from under the armpits to over the hip area.


Buttock release; Tap quite vigorously into the buttock muscles, pressing into the acupressure point in the very centre of the buttocks to release any spasm in the gluteal and lower back muscles.


Gallbladder/Large Intestine meridian; Tap down the outer edge of the legs from the  hip down past the knee and calf muscles getting into the groove between the muscles, continue around the outside ankle bone, along the outside edge of the foot.  Press the acupressure point on top of the foot between the little toe and next toe. This may be tender, breathe into it. (3 times).


Liver meridian; Press on the point on top of the foot between the big toe and the second toe. Again this may be tender so breathe into it.

Tap along the inside edge of the foot, around the ankle bone and up the inside of the leg all the way to the pelvis. Make sure you clear around the knee (3 times).


Bladder meridian; Tap with a flat hand up and down the back of the legs from the ankle to the buttocks (3 times)


With a flat hand, tap all around the knee joint front, sides and back.

Give your arms and legs a good shake to enable the energy to flow.


You may feel hot with lots of heat radiating from your body as you release the trapped energy

Breathe deeply as you close your eyes and feel the enhanced vitality cascading through your body.  Ensure your drink plenty of water to aid the body in the detoxifying process.


For best results do this sequence weekly, although 2-3 times a week after illness can help to boost the immune system and clear any residue fatigue.