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The Power and Energy of Group Consciousness

We are in essence Unified, a single Reality experiencing Duality.  Our world is built on values expounding Separateness.  By choosing the Power of Love over the Love of Power we energetically change ourselves, our relationships with the people around us, and therefore our world.

By consciously coming together in groups in United Higher purpose, we have the potential to transform the way we live….


There is but one indivisible and Absolute Omniscience and Intelligence in the Universe, recognised esoterically as the Vedanta, the non-duality, in modern science as the unified field of pure consciousness.  Yet we experience life as separate individuals, us and another, us and god, spirit and matter divided.


Life gives us moments of connection or unity when we come to know that we are truly one, when we know and understand we are part of a collective consciousness. In these moments, we lose our desire to compete with our fellow man for time, energy and resources, instead, we see our role as our brother’s keeper.  We see that everything we do, think and feel affects another. We truly understand that “No man is an island unto himself”. We get a glimpse of the interpenetrating force that connects us all; that connects all that is, this energy, this love, this consciousness. We understand the true meaning of brotherhood.  

These moments serve to wake us up to our part in a much greater plan, we seek change in our life, experience a growing desire to do something to instigate positive change in the world, to serve the greater good. In these transforming moments we relinquish our separateness and our attachment to me and mine and experience ourselves in relation to others and the whole.  We wake up to the power of love. We come back to a connection that has the potential to change the world we live in…  We can experience more than just glimpses of this….we can live this …in every moment….


As we move into the Age of Aquarius, of group relations, the incoming seventh ray energy will enable more people to open up the higher energies of the chakras above the diaphragm. As especially the heart and throat centres open we will come to communicate with truth from the heart paving the way for productive and inspirational group work.  We will learn how to work and create in unison in groups.  First we must understand connection and coherence.


Whenever connection is felt, love is always present.  Love is connection.

Fear and doubt are simply an absence of love, disconnection from our true nature, our soul, god/spirit, unity. We can choose to live from a place of love in our heart or live a life ruled by the unconscious fears in our psyche. When true love is felt, in that moment we lift our energies from the solar plexus chakra focus on the personality needs to our heart chakra, with understanding compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for our fellow man, we see past the personality faults, incongruence and lack of integration of another and see instead the light of their soul.  Only then are we ready to come together in groups with united higher purpose to combine our heart energies to create change in the world…


Groups of personality ego driven individuals working together each having their own separate idea of what is right, lack true connection, they lack heart energy and will fail to achieve their united purpose however well meaning.  The power of groups lies in bringing the inspiration of mind together with the connecting intuitive wisdom of the heart.  Then united purpose creates truth, beauty and goodness in the world….it responds to the highest energy of the will to good combined with the power of love.  This creative intelligence manifests magically to create wonderful positive, inspirational change.  

We see the potential of group work, we see exponential growth. The group opens itself to channel higher energies to enact real change in the way we live and be in the world.


Every time we bring that which is unconscious within our self into the conscious light of day we expand our conscious awareness and this is our active participation in our own evolution and the collective expansion of consciousness of all mankind.  This is the greatest contribution we can make, to expand our understanding of all that we are, we enact “Man Know Thy Self”. When we see and acknowledge our ego, face a fear, or forgive, we bring these misperceptions into the light of day and in that moment of expanded awareness we transform. This transforms others through our connected energy.


There is a constant energy exchange between all living things. We experience this through the connection of the energy of our etheric body with the etheric body of the planet, the cosmos, the universe and all that live within.  This energy body surrounding us and interpenetrating our physical body is how we experience universality and total connectedness.  It is how we can understand that we are all separate individuals yet unified at the same time.


By coming to understand this energy interplay between our self and another living being we understand how consciousness interacts with itself.  We can feel this interaction with others on a day to day basis, you know without words when a person is angry or upset,  you know the vibration of love, when you are in love you feel their heart energy pouring into your heart. You can feel the energetic connection we have with animals, with plants, with all that lives.  We use this energy in healing. We will come to use it telepathically.


In groups we must be aware of the power of our minds and that energy follows thought.  Whenever we experience duality, there is a difference in power and this creates a flow of energy in one direction, rather than a flow of shared energy. One personality/group/nation seeks to hold and keep the power and the energy, thus interrupting this natural flow of energy between living things. The other is disempowered, feeling a lack of energy, love and value. This creates separateness, conflict, fear and doubt, with one set of ideas dominating.  This is a love of power.  It comes from a belief in scarcity, that there is not enough energy for all, an ego need to be right, so we need to fight to ensure our survival, our success.  


Whenever there is unity there is no difference in power. The energy flows back and forth between connecting beings and they are both empowered.  This comes when individuals work from the heart centre, lifting out of the personality desires of the solar plexus, with harmless intent and the love of brotherhood, with shared ideas and the intention of finding a solution for the highest good of all. This invokes still greater energy from the soul which infuses the etheric body lighting up the passion and the purpose in both individuals.  Intuition flows with the connection to the unified field of infinite possibilities that constitutes universal mind. The creative energy multiplies exponentially. This is when the magic occurs… this is the power and energy of combined consciousness.  The power of love.


We are just starting to understand the power of thought and emotions to manifest and thus realising the need for harmlessness in all thought, feeling, intent and our subsequent actions. So that we develop right thinking in touch with our highest conscience and inner guidance, with an ability to detach from the emotional desire nature and see the truth of a situation.


Those who vibrate in tune with universal mind affect the minds of the mass of humanity by affecting public opinion.  In the minds of those aware inspired thinkers of humanity it invokes direct response to the plan of God.  There is action in accordance with their soul’s path for the highest good for all.  In the inspired thinker there has developed true alignment between the brain and the mind as an interpreter of the soul. This can only occur once the personality aspects of lower mind, the astral emotional body and the physical energetic body become an integrated, coordinated unit through true spiritual growth and development over many lifetimes.

We are seeing this already in the right use of the world wide web of communication, whereby right thinking people operating from a place of compassion in the heart are invoking the energy and support of others all around the globe to make a difference.  Giving the individual a global voice from their keyboard in speaking out about human rights, animal rights and how we treat our planet.


Meditation is to align with this universal mind.  It creates integration in the lower personality, it aligns mind and soul. Our soul is in constant meditation, when our personality vehicle truly meditates we align with the vibratory energy of our soul, developing greater awareness, increased consciousness and intuition.  It develops the ability to detach from our everyday thoughts, to see those that do not serve us well and to discriminate truth from misperception.  We are less affected by our emotional desire nature and the thoughts and opinions of others that do not resonate with truth.  We are less affected by mass public opinion and learn to think for ourselves.


Maharishi who introduced transcendental meditation to the world, found that when 1% of a community practised meditation, the unified field or calming energy generated by that group would reach out and influence the rest of the community resulting in increased peace and harmony. This effect has been demonstrated at local, national and worldwide levels. There is a critical mass necessary to affect the collective consciousness.  Modern science explains that when people meditate together with unified good intentions, their alpha brain waves become synchronised or exhibit “coherence”.  This coherence of brain waves causes others to receive the same properties in their subconscious mind.

This power of group meditation to reduce conflict and create peace and harmony in conflict zones has been documented in over 600 studies in 30 countries.


As we understand the power of our mind to open up to the unified field of potentiality or universal mind we become open to thought forms that hierarchy and higher beings are pouring into the astral/mental planes and can intuitively bring those ideas down to earth to create a vision of a world based on peace and harmony. We can see our own individual part to play in this plan to restore the world through love, light and power.

When I read the newspaper Positive News, tap into the collective good will of so many sites on facebook, see daily emails inviting me to join collectively with others, I am constantly amazed at the number of people responding in their own unique individual ways to make a difference…it is humbling and restores my faith in the brotherhood and will to good of mankind.


The key for all of us is the development of pure intuition.  Intuition is light itself, it is the ability to contact the light centre of all forms, “It is a comprehensive grip of the principle of universality, when functioning, at least momentarily a complete loss of sense of separateness” Alice Bailey: Glamour a World Problem.


As intuition develops we see the development of three qualities.  

Firstly we experience illumination of the mind/intellect, “a recognition in oneself, not theoretically but as fact in one’s experience, of one’s complete identification with the universal mind, of one’s constituting a part of the great world life, and of one’s participation in the eternal persisting existence” Bailey


Secondly we develop understanding, or an ability to love all beings yet at the same time preserve personal detachment (not an inability to love but the detachment of buddhic love). This is compassion rather than pity or sentiment.


Thirdly we experience the development of love, not sentiment or the possession of a loving disposition but the synthetic inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings.  “It negates all that builds barriers, makes criticism and produces separation. It sees no distinction even when it appreciates need, and it produces in one who loves as a soul immediate identification with that which is loved as a soul” Bailey


Groups are powerful vehicles for change.  The age of Aquarius is the age of right relations and with the incoming energy of the seventh ray will come a response of this desire to form and work in groups to create change in our world.  Seventh ray brings a tremendous inflow of the Christ principle of love and light and the quality of loving understanding that is present when love and intelligence combine.  Group consciousness will supersede individual consciousness and the seventh ray energy will work with those who have the capacity to integrate and fuse mankind along right lines.  In response to higher energy comes a desire to serve, a will to the service of the greater good. This energy works toward the free circulation, free interchange and sharing of all that is needed for right human living and right human relations.  We see this power of communication through the internet, mobile phones, email, skype, facebook, worldwide meditations, occupy movements etc…


People are coming together to meditate to create change.  We are coming to understand the power of meditating in groups on the full moon when the channels to higher energies are more open.

We have been given a universal prayer and meditation in the Great Invocation that units people all over the world…its power is immense when repeated daily by World servers all over the planet…we will close the door where evil dwells and allow light and love from god into the minds and hearts of mankind, uniting in purpose to enable love, light and power to restore the plan on earth….


The power of groups is exponential.  If each mind responds to the vibrational energy of universal mind to bring forth a different aspect of the plan then by coming together a group can do far more than any individual can do with their limited channel.  But it requires each individual in the group to set aside their own selfish desires, their ego and work for the greater good.  Bailey states that unselfish people are not rare but unselfish groups are. The human heart has developed such that we often see people submerging their personal interests for the good of the family or another person, but that this is rare in groups of people. I believe this is changing…Much of the turmoil in the world today is evidence that this is changing as we change the very structures of our society and people no longer tolerate tyranny and separativeness.  We will see this energy of change manifest in in the way we govern, the way we run business, the way we distribute money energy, the values we teach in education.  

We are in a time of great transition on the cusp of creating a new world… there is much reluctance to change, the rigid desire of many to hold onto a world based on the love of power rather than relinquish and let go to trust in the power of love…


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Magaret Mead



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The Power of Groups lies in bringing the inspiration of mind together with the connecting intuitive wisdom of the heart

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Whenever connection is felt, love is always present.  

Love is connection

Fear is disconnection from

Who we Truly Are

We must choose

the Power of Love

over the Love of Power

We are our brother's keeper

Modern science explains that when people meditate together with unified good intentions, their alpha brain waves become synchronised or exhibit “coherence”.  This coherence of brain waves causes others to receive the same properties in their subconscious mind.

Over 600 studies in 30 countries

confirm Group Meditation has

a powerful influence

in reducing conflict and

creating peace

The Internet has the power

to unite us for the common

good of all....

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The key for all of us

is the development

of pure intuition...

Energy follows thought

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