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I am planning some online courses to include yoga, meditation and breathing, relaxation, stress management techniques and really dive deep into all I can offer to help to heal, re-energise and  transforming your Self and your life


These are in the planning process and will come online in the next few months


If you would like to receive an email when they go live


Or you have some suggestions or comments about the changes

you seek in your life or the sort of thing you want me to cover that would make a real difference to you, then click on the link on this page and send me your name and I will add you to my email list


My intention is to provide you with the tools to create a life you love

and to love the life you live. Expressing your Self everyday through expanded self-awareness, with passion, vitality, fulfilment and purpose as you find and make your unique contribution to the world


To Be All That You Are


I would love to hear from you


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Yoga Breathing for Inner Peace

Simple but powerful Yoga Posture Tadasana combined with a Deep Yoga Breathing technique to restore your Inner Peace and Calm when you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, fearful or negative.  Through regular practice we can return to a Calm, Centered, Strong state of Mind and Being within a few breaths....

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Be All That You Are