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One to One Consultations

I am available for One to One Consultations for


Connecting with your Self

Finding your Life Purpose

Restoring your Energy, Passion, Fulfilment in life

Learning to Meditate

Changing your negative thought patterns

Intuitive and Psychic Spiritual guidance

Energy Healing

Chakra and or Meridian Clearing and Healing

Yoga to restore your Energy and Vitality

Yoga for Rehabilitation

Yoga for Recovering from Back or other Injury

Yoga if you are not yet confident to join a class

Yoga for specific Postural problems

Yoga and breathing for Anxiety/Depression

Yoga for Low Self Esteem/Self Empowerment

Reiki Healing


Nutrition Counselling

Weight Loss Advice

Sports Nutrition Advice

Lifestyle Change

Exercise programmes

Relaxation and Stress Management


Consultations can be undertaken at my home in Chester,

or via Skye or Email if appropriate

Distance healing is possible


Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific needs

Strict confidentiality and privacy applies


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New Zealand  


New life, growth,

strength and peace

"To transform the world give people the tools to transform themselves"


Changing the world starts with

Changing your world

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Energy Healing

When we heal our energy we

help our body to intuitively heal