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Your body vibrates with the energy of the food you eat,

When you eat a diet that is ideally suited to your particular body and lifestyle you are rewarded with good health, vitality, a glow to your skin and a sparkle in your eyes.  People notice.

You develop a healthy loving relationship with food as you come to experience the freedom good health gives you in your life.


With over twenty five years of experience in helping others develop this good relationship with their own body and the food they eat i can help you to understand your particular needs.  


I can help you reduce your body weight to a size and shape that enables you to be active, feel light and full of energy, knowing you look good and feel great.


Through changes in your eating behaviour and your food choices together we can ensure that you are eating lower glycaemic index carbohydrates that give a sustained energy release, avoid mood and energy swings and help to restore your vitality.


I can help you ensure you are receiving all the vitamins and minerals you need for optimum health.


With years of experience in sports nutrition we can work together to ensure you reap the benefits from your training and are able to give your best performance in whatever sports, exercise or physical endeavour you choose.


I can incorporate  knowledge and experience of western medical nutrition with principles of ayurvedic nutrition that relate to different body types to help you find ideal nutrition for your particular body.


Food contains more than just a mixture of nutrients, it has a subtle energy or vibration that affects our health and energy field, you can optimise your experience of your own vital energy with often small but significant changes in your eating habits.  This is where juicing for health, eating organic foods and foods made at home have very powerful positive effects on our health and well being.




Consultations are available in person at my home in Chester, Uk,

or via Skype or Email.


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You are What you Eat...

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