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"Teresa is a positive inspiration to us all"  

Carol Stout            

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison

to what lies inside you"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we meditate we use our will to connect our conscious mind with the universal consciousness, our higher mind with our higher self, our personality vehicle with our soul and the intuitive messages that come to us come directly from our buddhic nature, the vehicle of our soul.  We feel nourished mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically by the soul as we make this connection.  We build the antakarana, the rainbow bridge between our soul and our personality that enables the intuitive wisdom to flow more freely. With regular practise we build a bigger and wider and clearer bridge until we come to a place where we live our life intuitively with messages from our soul creating a flow in life akin to the flow we see in a world class athlete who performs in a graceful seemingly effortless way to achieve greatness naturally.  This is the flow of the tao spoken of in ancient Chinese Taoist culture, it is the flow of the prana of Indian hindu belief or the flow of chi in Chinese medicine.  It is the natural life force flow that we see in the symphony and beauty of nature and it is ours if we learn to reconnect with our body and come out of our thinking mind to a place of stillness.

Our soul is in constant meditation, when we come into the silence and quieten our thoughts we connect with this wisdom

"When i meditate i am a nicer person to be around, life still has its challenges but i seem to be able to cope with them more easily, the joy returns, the forgiveness and gratitude come more readily, i feel at peace with myself and the world"

Weekly Meditation Classes


Monday 12-1pm Downstairs

Wednesday 11-11.30am Upstairs


Oddfellows Hall, Main Road, Saltney,

Chester CH4 8SG


No experience necessary, All Most Welcome

Contact me for more details

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