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When we meditate we use our will to connect our conscious mind with the universal consciousness, our higher mind with our higher self, our personality vehicle with our soul and the intuitive messages that come to us come directly from our buddhic nature, the vehicle of our soul.  


We feel nourished mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically by the soul as we make this connection.  We build the antakarana, the rainbow bridge between the soul and the personality, that enables the intuitive wisdom to flow more freely. With regular practice we build a bigger and wider and clearer bridge until we come to a place where we live our life intuitively with messages from our soul creating a flow in life akin to the flow we see in a world class athlete who performs in a graceful seemingly effortless way to achieve greatness naturally.  This is the flow of the tao spoken of in ancient Chinese Taoist culture, it is the flow of the prana of Indian hindu belief or the flow of chi in Chinese medicine.  It is the natural life force flow that we see in the symphony and beauty of nature and it is ours if we learn to reconnect with our body and come out of our thinking mind to a place of stillness.


Alice Bailey (From Intellect to Intuition), speaks of the importance of the right practice of meditation for the western aspirant on a spiritual path.  She speaks of the mind as the slayer of the real and that intellect can be a barrier to true understanding.  She speaks of meditation as the bridge between the occult knower we typically find in the west and the illuminated mystic traditionally found in the east.  One who comes to know god and the other who loves and experiences god, of the perfect union of knowledge and experience to produce true inner wisdom.  The western trained intellectual mind is opened up to an experience of god/universal spirit through meditation that enables him to develop from the educated intellectual  into the intuitive knower, the perfect marriage of the head and the heart that enables true illumination to occur.  


This amalgamation is part of the remit for mankind as we move into the age of Aquarius, as we learn to come out of our intellectual minds and connect with our heart centre through meditation.  This connection with the heart naturally radiates out into our lives, as we come to a true understanding and experience of our own souls and the relationship of our soul to all others and to the higher soul of the logos or spirit, the universal soul.  


So let meditation lead you gently by the hand into the realm of your higher mind and higher self. Your lower mind of thoughts doesn’t want to surrender to your higher self so it will find reasons why you can’t go into stillness. Go into stillness anyway.  Develop trust in your inner wisdom. Every time you make the effort to meditate you build up the trust in your inner guidance, you learn to discriminate the messages from your lower mind of ego and attachment to the world and recognise the impulses, images and feelings from your higher mind of the Self.


Meditation is your daily appointment with universal consciousness, it awakens your awareness, it is an exploration into consciousness.  


Our consciousness is arranged into a trinity.  We have the consciousness that is universal, omnipresent, all knowing, god if you like.  Then we have our awareness, this is what we do with consciousness, we use our minds as an instrument to focus and bring us our awareness.  The third level is that of our perception which is that which we find interesting and choose to give our attention to. We filter out a vast amount of other information. Our thoughts are our responses to our perception. These are the conditioned responses of our personality, the lens through which we view reality.  


Our mind has two aspects, the perceiver or the personality which is woven into our emotional nature and reacts habitually to events, it relies on reason and logic to measure truth and reality.  This is the background state of the mind where our thoughts are born.  


However when we think deeply, visualise or concentrate we increase the power of the mind and we disengage our mind from the usual thoughts and quieten our ego.  In this stillness  we become aware of another state of mind called the observer, or the silent witness.  This observer has no self identity to protect and is not actively engaged in the emotions so can view things as they are and accept what is.  The silent observer thinks in abstract concepts and universal truths and is immune to bias and conditioning so can see things as they truly are, can see truth.  The mind as observer can register experiences that are totally unknown, movements of energy, ideas that the personality would reject are accepted easily.  Intuition flows.


Through the practice of meditation and quietening the mind we disengage from the personality and the thoughts of the perceiver and allow the silent observer to wake up as a true vehicle of self awareness and experience our spiritual self.  In this place of clear open calmness amazing intuitive wisdom is available.  


With regular practice of meditation the ordinary mind quietens in everyday life, the personality has a calmness and everyday awareness becomes that of the observer.  There is always an awareness of that which is behind the thoughts, a soul presence whose guidance can be sought at any moment when needed, ever present amongst the business and chaos of  life as we experience it.  Gradually the two aspects of the mind become one and this is the beginning of the soul infused personality of the upper triangle of the higher mind, buddhi and atma (that part of us that merges with the whole/god/universe) merging with the lower triangle of the physical body, the lower mind and the emotions and a major step on the path to enlightenment.







Meditation and Intuition

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”

     Nelson Mandela


The only real,

valuable thing is intuition

             Albert Einstein

“The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within”

Mahatma Gandhi


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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. 

                                          Albert Einstein

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