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Welcome to my website,


I have enjoyed teaching Yoga and Meditation for over 15years now...

With the power to transform; Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Dance, Nutrition, and the Ageless Wisdom teachings are my life's work.

They have transformed my life and they can do the same for you.


Yoga and meditation have given me back a profound Sense of Who I am so I experience greater Peace, Joy, Happiness, Purpose and Fulfilment in my life.

I have come to know that my unique contribution to the world is to teach others the tools to transform their own lives.


I am passionate about helping other people, to relax and recharge, find greater calm, clarity and strength and their unique purpose through a regular practice of Yoga and Meditation. To experience the joy and energy of Yoga and Yogadance. To live the life you choose the life you love.


Allow me to open the doorwary to understanding on ever deeper levels exactly what is happening in your mind, body and soul as we practice yoga and meditation.


With a background and degrees in Physical Education and Nutrition and over 30 years experience in Stress Management and the study of the Ageless wisom and energy healing, I have developed a deep understanding of how we heal and move forward and how to facilitate this process.  


I would love to help you transform your life...


Yoga revitalises your energy, it tones and strengthens your physical body keeping you flexible and adaptable.  Through meditation, yogic breathing and deep relaxation you can change the negative thought patterns in your mind allowing greater peace and a connection to your authentic Self.  

You step into All that you Are, expressing your unique self and creating a life you love that flows with abundance.  You come to intuitively know what is right for you, trust and follow this.


Through its power to positively affect your emotions a regular practice of yoga and/or meditation remove the power of fear, doubt and anxiety to negatively affect your life.  You can build a resilience to Stress and when life throws you off balance come back to your centre, back to your Self.


Its time to.....Be All That You Are

           Teresa Keast


BPhEd (Physical Education)


Diploma TertiaryTeaching

VCTC Reflexology

Reiki II Practitioner

Diploma DruYoga Teaching

Registered Dru Yoga Teacher


"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

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Both for adults and younger people...

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