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My Will be Thy Will

Taken from A Course in Miracles

We can never create that which is not god’s will, when we try to we experience fear, as we separate ourselves from our soul, our source,our link to universal consciousness, to god, to spirit.  When we listen to our intuition we come into alignment with god’s will and create miracles in our life easily.  Life flows, exactly what we need comes to us with seemingly little effort, miraculously, coincidences abide and serendipity is our experience.  We experience moments of this but never realise that life could be this way all of the time if we changed our alignment.


 Meditation aligns us with divine will daily, it removes fear as it removes the experience of separation. All fear is based in feeling separate.  All fear is ego based.  Love is the experience of connection and is always god’s will.  Love aligns you with your soul.  


“The beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul”.   


Meditation brings you back into a space of love, it aligns you with your buddhic nature (the compassionate loving buddha within you), it connects your consciousness with divine or universal consciousness so you are at one.  It brings at-one-ment.  


Life is a struggle when our ego decides it is in charge and will create what we perceive we need. This is the struggle we experience as life.  Our lower mind through the five senses perceives reality as we see it. But we see life through the filter of our ego, our conditioning, our belief system. Misperceptions  produce fear and true perceptions foster love.  But neither brings certainty because perception varies in space and time.  Knowledge is certain.  It has power because it is certain and certainty is strength.  Knowing is the affirmation of truth and beyond all perceptions.  Our higher mind, aligned to our higher self, our soul through intuition brings us knowledge. Our lower mind through true perception is the basis for this, it opens up the doorway or bridge to truth, but it can never know truth.  The lower mind may try to work it out, but truth cannot be worked out, it just is.  Whenever we feel fear/doubt/anger or upset we are not in alignment with our higher self, it is a message that we are misperceiving and some aspect of our belief system or our thoughts or feelings need healing.  


We heal our mind through accepting atonement, at-one-ment with god/truth/spirit and the way we do this is through forgiveness.  Forgiveness comes from true perception of a situation and leads to truth and knowledge. It takes us into our hearts and our buddhic nature.  Forgiveness from the heart heals our mind, our errors in perception and leads to right mindedness.  Rightmindedness allows us to create miracles because it brings us into alignment with god (our soul, our higher self, the holy spirit) and we see truth and beauty. We realise our magnificience.  


This at-one-ment belongs in the center of the altar of our body, our heart and it undoes the feeling of separation and restores the wholeness of the mind.  The heart heals the mind.  As we move into the age of Aquarius there abounds the energy to help us to learn to live heartfelt lives. We attune  our minds  to our heart  through the  intuitive messages we receive when we go into the silence, into meditation and open ourselves up to the inner tuition within  


“God speaks in the silence of the heart” Mother Theresa


When we heal we are receiving at-one-ment.  It brings us back to rightmindedness, to god.  We see things as they truly are.  This brings peace of mind.  All healing occurs through the mind.  Healing is a miracle, all a miracle worker needs to do is to be in their right mind (in alignment with god/spirit) and trust god/spirit.  Only fear and doubt stand in the way of healing and these intrude on right mindedness.  Forgiveness or atonement is the removal or undoing of fear and doubt.  It is arealignment with god, our soul, it allows true perception to open you up to knowledge and truth and you come to realise that there is only love, the rest is an illusion.  



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Yoga opens the heart chakra

so we experience more

Gratitude, Courage,

Tolerance, Acceptance, Forgiveness,

and Unconditional Love

for our Self and others


To Meditate is to choose

to spend time with your